The Rally Italia Sardegna in front row


We were a lot, immersed in the sun and in the noise, feeling the earth vibrating under us, smelling the fuel and the rubber, we were breathing dust and holding our breath while they were passing by behind a curve. We will be there this year too, even deeper inside and closer because we had fun. Get ready to breath the dust. Are you ready to relive the most beautiful rally experience ever with the Rally Italia Sardegna 2020?

We are preparing an event full of novelties and tailor-made services, with personalized proposals and details that will make your experience unique.

What is it? Have you ever thought that you could choose the place on your favorite special stage like at the stadium? Or have you ever wanted to reach a special stage aboard a helicopter? Now you have the chance to do this and much more, in fact for you who are looking for a memorable experience we have created the Gold RIS Experience program.


Gold RIS Experience is the program dedicated to RIS 2020 customers. It is a program that allows a complete customization of the experience by proposing three levels in increasing order of services: Starter, Intermediate and Advanced. Each higher level maintains the services of the previous level, improves them or adds new ones.


With Gold Pass Starter you can finally really choose your place on your favorite special stage. In addition, you can create your own combination of Special Stages and Parking for a complete customization. We thought that having your package built is the right way to be truly satisfied with your experience. Receive your ticket on your e-mail to access the areas you have chosen, plus, if you visit the ACI stand in the Alghero Service Park you will find other surprises for you.

If, on the other hand, you are not willing to plan your sporting weekend in Sardinia but want to decide day by day where to go, Gold Pass Intermediate is the package for you. Gold Pass Intermediate offers a place in each Gold Area and the possibility to purchase a place inside the reserved parking. And not only that … if you want to watch the Power Stage, but also watch the awards ceremony, you have a seat in the grandstand of the final podium in front of a big screen to enjoy the latest live TV stage and comfortably wait for the winner.

But if you want to live a truly complete experience you must necessarily choose the Advanced package. With Gold Pass Advanced you can dedicate four days only to Rally Italia Sardegna forgetting about everything else. For the Advanced customer, Rally Italia Sardegna can organize hotel accommodation, transportation by SUV or helicopter to reach the special stages and lunch served every day of the race. You can choose whether to follow the program that will be offered to you with the most beautiful live special stages, visits to the teams and photos on the podium with the RIS trophy or manage your travels yourself because you still have a reserved place on each special stage. It’s up to you to choose how to live your unforgettable experience.


If you are an ACI member you are entitled to an exclusive discount on Gold RIS Experience 2020 products. To take advantage of this opportunity, follow these instructions:

Gold Pass Starter: ACI members who decide to purchase a Gold Pass Starter are entitled to a 15% discount on the purchase of a single product, including also the parking. In order to take advantage of the discount, send the details of your ACI member card (card number and owner) to the e-mail address . If your card is valid, you will receive a Coupon Code to be included in the purchase procedure. The Coupon Code combined with your card can be used only once. (maximum waiting time for checking the validity of the ACI member card: 7 days).

Gold Pass Intermediate and Gold Pass Advanced: ACI members who decide to purchase an Intermediate or Advanced Gold Pass are entitled to a 15% discount applied to the total value of their cart. When asked, enter the promo code “acimember” and your ACI card number then complete your purchase. Following checks, if your ACI card is valid, the purchase will be confirmed. Each ACI member card allows you to use the ACI member discount only once. (maximum waiting time for checking the validity of the ACI member card: 7 days).